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Buy America right now! And we all shall have sexytime again!

For those who crave the song America.. Give us your money and click the at the link. And we promise, we shall NOT buy whores for the money. we don’t do sexytime. Were on a sexdiet right now.. so that would just be wierd.

A gentle gaze and a smile

Yours truly

Le Kid

Mutual love

Perez Hilton loves Le Kid and we love him!

To be honest we want to make sweet sweet love to him right now.
We would be gentle of course. Promise. And whisper tenderly in is little delicate ear ,
“Give me love in America Mr.Perez”…

Lots of love & sloppy kisses!

Next stop: Cologne

Right now we´re preparing for our trip to Cologne this saturday. We´re so much looking forward to this trip because on our last visit we learnt an importent lesson:
Some things just happens once. In Germany.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Treats for everyone!

Revenge has never been so colorful!
This is the long awaited German edit of “Mercy Mercy” 2012!