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Stirred to life in a dark cellar several years ago, Le Kid is the love-child of producers/songwriters Felix, Anton and Märta.

Felix Persson and Märta Grauers have co-written and produced artists like AGNES, ALCAZAR and BWO over the last years with great success. AGNES “Release Me”, a huge hit throughout Europe and Alcazar’s “Stay The Night”, an Airplay #1 for several weeks to name only a few. Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad has co-written and produced songs for artists like VELVET, ERIC SAADE and ALCAZAR. Fronted by singers Helena & Johanna, Le Kid is ready to enter the pop-scene.

Le Kid has been an immense amount of hard work for the last two years, and we’re like love-crazed american high-school kids on spring break. As we’re getting ready to show Le Kid to the world, every follower of ours who wants to help us spread the Gospel of Le Kid has a special place in our hearts, and will be able to sleep with their Le Kid member of choice in five years time. Promise!

Lots of love and sloppy kisses!

/Le Kid

Ps. Behind this childish exterior of ours, beats the hearts of a ruthless maniacs. You see, our hearts does not pump blood like yours, but rather a venomous, black oil.

Be gentle and good to us, and we shall treat you with dignity and grace. Yet, cross us, and you shall all feel the Wrath of Le Kid. Tah-tah!